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Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated at Nueva Alianza. There is no minimum time period to volunteer; the only requirement is an intermediate level of Spanish. Volunteers at Nueva Alianza have the opportunity to learn about the everyday life of Guatemalan agricultural workers. Volunteers stay in the Eco-Hostel and can purchase meals or arrange access to the kitchen to cook their own meals. Use of the kitchen is Q15/day to cover the cost of gas and supplies.
Precios de Alojamiento y Comidas: 
(Prices are in Quetzales) Volunteers staying less than one month: Shared Room - Q55 per night
Basic Meals - Q15 each one.
Volunteers staying one month or more:
Shared Room - Q40 per night, Basic Meals: - Q15 each one, Use of Kitchen - Q15 per day
---------------------Agricultural Work: ---------------
  • Collecting and Processing Macadamia (April through July)
  • Harvesting Coffee (October through December)
  • Clearing Shrubs and Weeds in the Fields
  • Helping organize the children to clean up trash in the streets

--------------------Community Services:--------------

  • Medical/Dental Services
  • Teaching English in our schools (February through October)
  • Promotions and Publicity for the Community’s Products

Trabajo Voluntario: 
--------------------Ecotourism/Hostel Work: -----------------------------
  • Development of Bird Tourism (observing/counting/documenting species)
  • Trail Repair
  • Teaching Vegetarian, Vegan, and International Cooking in the Hotel Kitchen
  • Painting
  • General Maintenance
  • Construction Work


  • Cleaning and Filling Bottles in the Agua Pura Plant
  • Translation during group tours
  • Searching for grants for community projects
  • Tourism Promotion in Antigua and Xela

USEFULL INFORMATION: Food and Shopping: Meals are available daily for purchase in the hostel restaurant. Long-term volunteers can arrange access to the kitchen to cook their own meals. The kitchen has all the necessary utensils and a gas stove, but no refrigerator. There is a small store in the community which sells basic food items. You can buy fruits, vegetables, and general groceries in Retalhuleu (Reu), about 1.5 hours away. There is a plentiful supply of purified water in the Eco-Hostel. Transportation: There is a daily bus service from the community to Reu and back where it is then possible to catch a bus to anywhere in Guatemala. Money: There is no bank or ATM in the community, but there are plenty of banks and ATMs in Reu and Xela. It is recommended to bring enough money, in cash, for your entire stay. Telephone & Internet: There is a phone and mobile internet in the office available for use at a small fee. Electricity: Power comes from a diesel generator or hydroelectric plant which provides energy from 6-10pm (and 24 hours a day during the rainy season). Washing Clothes: There are pilas (large stone sinks) available for washing your clothes by hand. Restrooms: Restrooms are shared and there is no hot water, but due to the climate, it's not necessary.

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