turismo en reu

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Our Projects

Since receiving the legal title, we have initiated several projects to pay the debt we carry on the purchase of land and to improve the health, education and welfare in the community.

 1. Coffee Plantation and Organic Macadamia:
The main production is coffee and macadamia, both products are grown with organic certification and certification flo. The coffee we market as gold, an exporter girders "FECCEG". The market it as macadamia kernel, girders export agency called JI Cohen. We also sell macadamia processed using traditional sweet and salty flavor in sizes of 2, 4 ounces, and can buy them at the office, and have available organic coffee beans roasted, or ground into presentations 1/2 pound and 1 pound, more info: 5348-5290.

2. Turism.
We are running a tourism business through the house where he lived the former colonial master. The community has several tourist attractions such as waterfalls with crystal clear water, beautiful scenery, tours of our projects, and information on edible and medicinal plants. There are also beautiful views of the active volcano Santiaguito and the Pacific Ocean.

3. Micro Hydroelectric Project.

Isolated from the mains power, the community has worked to find creative solutions to our energy needs. We have chosen to project healthy for the environment and provide energy and power our homes and various production processes. Our micro hydroelectric plant uses water from the river to provide electricity to all households in the community.

Historical projects:

Bio Diesel: Rudolf Matthew Thank you for your support with biodiesel project installation, project facilities have to stay as a tourist attraction, as due to the cost of raw materials we can not work with bio diesel, we only had the experience and explanation of how it is produced..

Bio gas::   So too are the facilities of a bio gas project beams produced from cattle dung.