turismo en reu

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Ecotourism Destination and Organic Coffee and Macadamia Plantation,

We are a community of 37 families primarily dedicated to the cultivation and production of macadamia nuts and coffee, both of which are certified organic. We also offer tourism services (accommodation, dining, and scenic tours) which support the economy of the community. Nueva Alianza is located 1000 meters above sea level in a subtropical climate. 45 minutes north, in Retalhuleu, a large amount of tropical forest has been preserved as well. Thus, the road to the farm makes it possible to enjoy crystal clear waterfalls and medicinal, edible herbs, as well as incredible views of both the Santa Maria and Santiago volcanoes, the latter of which is active and erupts every hour. Our community is managed under a broad sense of democracy, and within our constitutional structure exists a Women’s’ Committee, an Educational Committee, and a Board of Directors, which work together to make sure all members of the community share the same rights. A visit to the community gives one the opportunity to learn about our unique history of the fight to improve our opportunities and socioeconomic standing.