turismo en reu

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Donations and Needs. 
If you are interested in giving economic support to aid in the development of the community, here is some information about the needs we have.
 Educational Needs:

  • Economic help to buy writing materials for children in elementary and preschool (from first through 6th grade).
  • Scholarships for youth in secondary (high) school and college.
  • Computer equipment, as currently students must leave the community and travel to Retalhuleu once a week in order to learn to use computers, which affects the economy of each family; the community will provide the space to hold the computers.
  • A kitchen and cafeteria, for all the students who are given snacks during the day. The cost of this would be Q.25,000.00, and the community will provide the labor required, valued at Q.10,000.00.

Community Needs

  • An agricultural four-wheel-drive vehicle or a tractor, for transporting coffee and macadamia from the fields to the center of the community, as currently everyone must walk from 3 to 10 kilometers with their produce. To purchase this vehicle we need Q.75,000.00 – Q.150,000.00.
  • Garden Materials to create a garden in the center of the community and help beautify our community. For this we need Q.7,500.00.
  • A Multi-sport court for the youth of the community to play sports and develop interpersonal relationships with friends and family. For this we need Q.15,000.00.
  • A new Catholic church, for use by members of this and neighboring communities, as the current one is very old and deteriorated. For this we need Q.125,000.00, and the community will provide the land and the labor required, valued at Q.130,000.00.


    IN THE TOURISM PROJECT: ÁLVARO FERNANDES (SPAIN), MIGUEL TAMBLIZ (AUSTRALIA), ALEXIS (USA) Contributors: Nele, Nina, Tom, Matt Rudolf Kurt Brandler, Tara Tiedemman. Yohana. And to those who have supported us who don’t appear in this list, sincere apologies and thank you so much for helping us in our fight.