turismo en reu

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Driving Directions to Nueva Alianza: Follow directions for Retalhuleu until Cuatro Caminos Reu, where you will  enter the municipality of San Sebastián Reu, after the 181st km. on the Pacific Route (from Guatemala City). Here you will see a Burger King, a Banco Banural, 2 gas stations, and the Hotel Syboney. Take the road that turns off at the Hotel Syboney, which goes uphill continuously (at the entrance to this road there is a sign with a small map that shows the way to the community). After 9 km, you will arrive at a fork in the road known as “el portón.” Turn left here. Next you will come to a farm called La Viña, here as well is a sign pointing to the left and continue the cobblestone road 4 km to Nueva Alianza.

Public Transportation Directions to Nueva Alianza (from Xela or Guatemala City): Take a bus to Retalhuleu and get off either at Cuatro Caminos Reu (Chicken Buses from Xela and Guatemala City and Pullman buses from Guate both pass this point). Cuatro Caminos is an intersection of four roads on the outskirts of Retalhuleu. There is an island in the middle of this intersection where women sell soda and chips under a bamboo shelter. Wait here until a bus or pickup truck headed for Nueva Alianza passes by.

They come usually twice a day around 12:00 AM and in the afternoon around 5:00 PM and cost Q. 10.00 per person. If you miss either the bus or the pickup, it is possible to hire a private pickup from Cuatro Caminos which will usually cost upwards of Q. 150.00. If you happen to take the Chicken bus all the way to the Main Terminal in Reu, buses and pickups for Nueva Alianza leave there around 10:45 or 11:00 AM every morning. There you can ask around to find the bus or pickup to Nueva Alianza. The owner and driver of the bus is Esaù Hochen and his phone number is 58917493. Other ways to get here: In the community, we offer private transportation in a 4x4 pickup truck that can take you directly from Cuatro Caminos Retalhuleu to the community and back for Q.150.00 each way. The capacity is 15 people. It is also possible to find private transportation upon arrival at Cuatro Caminos for a similar price.
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